Acoustic Underlays & Floor Coverings

CTA Insulay Delta 30

Product features
  • Competitively priced
  • Exceeds building standards requirements, out performs most other products
  • Outstanding Impact sound attenuation
  • – Underfoot cushioning and anti-fatigue properties
  • Suitable for loose lay applications
  • Excellent adhesion properties, can be dual bonded
  • Superior resilience, products spring coefficient remains for the life of the product
  • Outstanding compression set resistance and load bearing performance
  • Increases thermal efficiency, excellent insulation properties
  • Resistance to moisture absorption and degradation
  • Eco-friendly, manufactured from recycled and regenerative materials
  • Significantly reduces floor wear, cushioning absorbs foot fall impact force
  • Lightweight and
  • 100% recyclable
Reliable insulation under all floor finishes

Delta30 is a high performance acoustic underlayment designed to take the science out of specifying acoustic products. It is a universal acoustic insulation treatment for most substrates including: Tile, Stone, Vinyl and Carpet. Delta30 has been designed and formulated to suit the majority of domestic and high rise residential applications.

Outstanding performance

Delta30 is manufactured from a combination of rubber granulate and cork to provide the perfect compromise between stiffness, compressibility and spring retention.

This composite design ensures the ideal combination of cushioning, sound absorption and resilience to ensure the product does not suffer from compression set which is the nemesis of all underlay materials. Rigidity and cushioning without compression set is critical in reducing the chances of grout cracking whilst also maximizing noise reduction.

Unlike many other products on the market, Delta30 is also fire-resistant in accordance with the Australian Standards and Building Code.

Standard Roll Sizes

  • 3mm thick x 1.0m wide x 20m long
  • Other sizes are available on request

Insulay Delta30 Technical Data

  • Material: fine rubber granulate, cork, foam and polymeric composite
  • Surface: fine texturing of rubber and cork
  • Density: 700kg/m3
  • Thickness: 3 & 5mm +/- 0.3mm, other thickness on request
  • Width: 1000mm +/- 1.5%
  • Colour: black and beige speckled
  • Tensile strength: ca. 0.6N/mm2 (DIN 53571)
  • Elongation at break: ca. 20% (DIN 53571)
  • Heat transmission coefficient: 5mm = 0.06m2 K/W (DIN 52612)
  • Service temperature range: -30°C to 80°C, 120 °C (intermittent)
  • Impact sound improvement index ΔLw: 3mm = 20dB
  • Flammability rating B2: (DIN 4102 Part 1: 1998-05

This product is designed for a direct stick application in both wet and dry areas. Delta30 must be bonded to the substrate using a suitable adhesive, refer to the list of approved adhesives.
Installation of Delta30 is quick and easy; refer to the detailed Insulay Delta30 installation instructions.

Insulay Block&Batten

Insulay Block&Batten systems provide accurate and rapid on-site fabrication of raised floors. This system is especially beneficial when floors require significant repair or there is a need to accommodate under floor services and/or acoustic insulation.
The Block&Batten design allows quick and efficient levelling to eliminate any unevenness in the structural floor surface and is widely used in renovations and new build projects. The floor can be built up to various overall heights and can offer extremely high standards of acoustic performance.

Insulay Block&Batten is supplied with a multitude of packers and fits standard locally available timbers.

Product Features
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective method of overcomes uneven floors
  • Adjustable to produce varying overall finished floor heights
  • No levelling screeds or drying times needed
  • Does not require fixing
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Underfloor void for services and can accommodate underfloor heating
  • Can accept a range of floor finishes including ceramic tiles
  • Hardwood floors can be secret nailed direct to timber battens
  • Suitable for use in-door or out-doors applications including decking.

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